Thursday, 4 November 2010

Day started well, had shower, district nurse called and flushed drain. Went to village in the car, called at bank and Booths. Had a lovely homemade s/wich on crusty granary bread. Everything was well chilled. But then I noticed that my catheter connected to my bladder was not outputting any urine. Panic, phoned district nurse, but only get answerphone. Left msg and hoped for early response. I worked out that catheter was blocked and needed changing rapid like. Nurse phoned and came quite quickly. For the men yowsah! taking out old and putting in new, for the girls 'don't be a wuss Alan'. Once replaced it is now working normally, phew!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

W/e has gone well, but think I need to rest more. Been to hosp today, but Mr Scott was in theatre doing emergency surgery, so had to see his colleague. Drain to remain in for another week, minimum, possibly two. I am to be referred finally about catheter, can't wait to have it removed. Had bloods taken today and will need to phone hosp 2mrw to see if I continue with my current oral antibiotics or lower dosage ones. Feel really weary now and fancy a short lay down b4 tea. Had a short walk this morning, in the sunshine, that was v nice. Need to get more fresh air, sunshine and exercise to get my colour back into my face. I am now realising just how much weight I have lost, my trousers fall down, even with a belt on, and the collars of my shirts are well too big, init. Am I bovvered, just a bit, but I will get more weight back on real soon. Sleeping very well each night, now that I am in my own bed again. Sausage, mash and onion gravy for tea, that was definitely not on the hosp menu. X

Friday, 29 October 2010

As Vinnie Jones would say "It's been emotional"

I am being officially discharged today :-) The drain will remain in place and will be discussed further when I come to see Mr Scott in clinic on Monday at 11am. I won't fully believe it till it is bedtime tonight and I don't have to come back to the hosp. Keep your fingers x that everything is over for now. Thank you for all your love and support over these long weeks xxx

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Still no definitive decision, Mr Scott's co-consultant has been in theatre for most of the day and has yet to give his directive, that will be either later tonight or early in the morning. He is deciding if the drain can come out. Blood results are normal. The Dr's are worried that if they take the drain out my temp might, only might go up. Will let you know when I know. Disappointed that I am still hanging, xxx

Hi, not been told anything yet, decision could go either way, home or stay longer

Had one lot of tablet a/b, it is the size of a horse pill, and I will take one 3 times a day. Eaten two reasonable meals and had a walk round the inside of hosp for exercise and something to pass time. Sorted out more financial matters 2day, with more 2mrw, then will set up s/o when get home. Another consultant surgeon came to see me and said I looked good and made positive sounds about going home later in week after a couple of days on tablets, so looks promising. Temp's remain good and I never had any pain. Sleep can be tricky,'cos your body needs less and you wake up so early. Thank god for my ipod. Hope to see u soon, pref away from hosp, take care x